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МГУ им. М.В.Ломоносова

Вестник Башкирского ун-та. 2013. 18, № 3


Агишева У.О. «Воздействие ударных волн на пузырьковые и пенные структуры в двумерных осесимметричных объемах» Вестник Башкирского университета, 18, № 3, с. 640-645 (2013)

На основе двумерной с цилиндрической симметрией двухфазной модели газожидкостной смеси проведено численное исследование процессов распространения ударных волн в пузырьковой жидкости и водной пене. The interactions of non-stationary shock waves with foam and bubble structures at pressure of 20–1000 bar is theoretically investigated using a two-dimensional cylindrical symmetry two-phase model of gas-liquid mixture in single-pressure, single-velocity and two-temperature approximation, basing on the statements of multiphase media mechanics. The comparison of the test calculations and experimental data is made and satisfactory agreement is obtained. It is shown that in pure liquid the formation of the shock wave is accompanied by formation of the cavitation zone. After partial reflection of the pulse from the outer rigid boundaries two wave edges are formed and their interaction leads to the accumulation of shock wave on the symmetry axis near the right wall of the vessel. With the propagation of the wave pulse in a bubbly liquid a strong multidimensional picture of the flow in the central region is formed, but it is transformed later into a quasi-one dimensional with shock wave approaching to the right border of the area. The author obtains the estimates of the effectiveness of spatial interaction of the wave pulse with the foam barrier in conditions close to the real problems of protecting industrial facilities from the technological explosion. Calculations based on the two-dimensional model show better damping properties of the foam versus one-dimensional approximation.

Вестник Башкирского университета, 18, № 3, с. 640-645 (2013) | Рубрика: 08.10