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04.08 Стоячие волны, резонанс, нормальные моды


Ahmad Iftikhar, Hassan Adnan, Anjum Muneeb Ullah, Malik Sohail, Ali Tashfeen «Ambient Acoustic Energy Harvesting using Two Connected Resonators with Piezoelement for Wireless Distributed Sensor Network» Акустический журнал, 65, № 5, с. pp. 471-477 (2019)

In this article, an acoustic energy harvester (AEH) is conceptualized, designed, fabricated and tested. The developed AEH (DAEH) consists of two Helmholtz cavities (HCs) and a commercially available piezoelement. The HCs were fabricated from Teflon material using conventional machining operations. An indigenous test bench for in-lab characterization of DAEH has also been developed. Various experiments were performed to experimentally record the frequency response function, loading and power characteristics. Additionally, the in-lab and open-air characterization of the DAEH is also reported. Furthermore, the proposed prototype of DAEH is compared on the basis of various benchmarks with the prototypes available in the literature. The experimental results indicate a maximum power density of 32.7 μW/cm3 at 130 dB.

Акустический журнал, 65, № 5, с. pp. 471-477 (2019) | Рубрика: 04.08