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06.02 Скорость, дисперсия, дифракция и затухание в жидких кристаллах, суспензиях и эмульсиях, полимерах


Ding S.S., Jin S.J., Luo Z.B., Chen J., Lin L. «Researches on the ultrasonic scattering attenuation of carbon fibre reinforced plastics with 2D real morphology void model» Акустический журнал, 63, № 4, с. pp. 490-495 (2017)

In order to investigate the ultrasonic propagation in carbon fibre reinforced plastics with complex void morphology, the effective mathematical model needs to be established. The current models are oversimplified on void morphology, leading to the significant inconsistency of theoretical calculation with experimental results. In view of the problem, a real morphology void model (RMVM) was established with the idea of image-based modeling. The void morphology was extracted by digital image processing technology, and the material properties were assigned subsequently. As a result of the complex and random void morphology in RMVMs, a non-unique corresponding relationship was verified between porosity P and ultrasonic attenuation coefficient α. In the scatterplot of simulation, about 66 percent of points were plotted within the ±10% error band of fitting line, while almost all the data located at the ±20% error zone. The simulation results showed good consistency with experiments, and it proved the validity of RMVM. The investigation provides a novel model to explore the ultrasonic scattering mechanism for the composite materials containing random voids.

Акустический журнал, 63, № 4, с. pp. 490-495 (2017) | Рубрика: 06.02