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06.14 Акустоэлектроника


Wu Delin, Dai Yuyu, Chen Hao, Zhou Yinqiu, Fu Lin, Wang Xiuming «Mode analysis of trilaminar bender bar transducers using an approximation method» Акустический журнал, 63, № 5, с. pp. 617-624 (2017)

Based on the vibration theory of a thin plate, an analytical treatment of the trilaminar bender bar with piezoelectric elements and inert substrate of various lengths is presented for mode analysis. Resonance frequency and effective electromechanical coupling coefficient are calculated by this method. The impacts of the geometries of the bender bar on the performance of its fundamental and third-order flexural mode are investigated in detail under rigid boundary conditions. It is shown that resonance frequency is extremely sensitive to the thickness of inert substrate. Moreover, the effective electromechanical coupling coefficient has peaks as the length of piezoelectric elements varies. The peaks are achieved when the length of piezoelectric elements equals the length between two nodes having zero strains in the x-direction. The trilaminar bender bar will be effectively excited when the strains on the piezoelectric element are in the same phase, which is important to disclose the vibration mechanisms of this kind of transducer. Also, analytical results are compared with the ones of numerical simulation. The results suggest that effective electromechanical coupling coefficient shares similar patterns with electrical conductance, which can be used to characterize transducer performance to a certain extent. It also demonstrates that the analytical treatment provides an efficient alternative way for optimizing the bender bar transducer design.

Акустический журнал, 63, № 5, с. pp. 617-624 (2017) | Рубрика: 06.14


Anisimkin V.I., Verona E., Kuznetsova A.S., Osipenko V.A. «Acoustic Wave Propagation Along Piezoelectric Plate Coated with Piezoelectric Films» Акустический журнал, 65, № 2, с. pp. 171-177 (2019)

A novel solid state structure consisting of piezoelectric plate sandwiched between two piezoelectric films is suggested as propagation medium for acoustic waves. Considering, as an example, quartz plate coated with AlN film and with AlN film together with ZnO film, the main characteristics of the Lamb and SH acoustic modes are numerically calculated and compared with each other. It is shown that i) the range of acoustic parameters achievable in structures is wider than that is for an uncoated plate, ii) generation of waves in the plate with one film is accomplished by 12 transducer configurations, while there are 32 configurations to excite the same waves in two film structure, iii) dispersion of the wave velocities and coupling constants depend on the mode order, mode type, film thickness, plate thickness, and transducer configuration. This property makes selection of appropriate modes more flexible. Results of calculations are partially verified experimentally.

Акустический журнал, 65, № 2, с. pp. 171-177 (2019) | Рубрика: 06.14