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09.01 Лабораторные исследования линейных и нелинейных свойств скальных пород, грунтов, глин, сыпучих сред и моделей геологических структур


Xu Shi-da, Li Yuan-hui, Liu Jian-po «Detection of cracking and damage mechanisms in brittle granites by moment tensor analysis of acoustic emission signals» Акустический журнал, 63, № 3, с. 359-367 (2017)

An acoustic emission (AE) testing of rock cracking was performed under uniaxial loading conditions by precut varisized circular holes in selected brittle granites. Based on AE-source location technique and AE-theory for moment tensor analysis, rules of the temporal–spatial evolution of micro-cracks in different failure mechanisms were explored and types of micro-cracks were analyzed as well. The results revealed that the micro-cracks are uniquely easy to generate in the positions where stress are concentrated. Tensile fractures are easy to form on the roof and floor of a circular hole, while shear fractures are easy to be found on both sides. The locations of initial cracks generated around the holes in the loading process are the direction or vertical direction of maximum principle stress. Macroscopic crack orientation agrees with the direction of maximum principle stress approximately. As the size of circular opening increases and the relative size of pillar decreases, shear cracks are dominant with the percentage more than 45%, tension cracks are fewer, accounted for less than 40% of the total events, and mixed-mode cracks represent a minimum proportion, despite the decrease of percentage of shear cracks. The findings of this work can serve for supporting design of tunnel or roadway to avoid collapse.

Акустический журнал, 63, № 3, с. 359-367 (2017) | Рубрика: 09.01


Jia Bing, Wei Jian-Ping, Wen Zhi-Hui, Wang Yun-Gang, Jia Lin-Xing «The experimental research on response characteristics of coal samples under the uniaxial loading process» Акустический журнал, 63, № 6, с. pp. 716-722 (2017)

In order to study the response characteristics of infrasound in coal samples under the uniaxial loading process, coal samples were collected from GengCun mine. Coal rock stress loading device, acoustic emission tested system and infrasound tested system were used to test the infrasonic signal and acoustic emission signal under uniaxial loading process. The tested results were analyzed by the methods of wavelet filter, threshold denoise, time–frequency analysis and so on. The results showed that in the loading process, the change of the infrasonic wave displayed the characteristics of stage, and it could be divided into three stages: initial stage with a certain amount infrasound events, middle stage with few infrasound events, and late stage gradual decrease. It had a good consistency with changing characteristics of acoustic emission. At the same time, the frequency of infrasound was very low. It can propagate over a very long distance with little attenuation, and the characteristics of the infrasound before the destruction of the coal samples were obvious. A method of using the infrasound characteristics to predict the destruction of coal samples was proposed. This is of great significance to guide the prediction of geological hazards in coal mines.

Акустический журнал, 63, № 6, с. pp. 716-722 (2017) | Рубрика: 09.01