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10.09 Активные методы подавления шума


Константинов А.В., Лимарченко О.С., Лукьянчук В.В., Нефедов А.А. «Динамические приемы гашения колебаний в системе «конструкция–жидкость со свободной поверхностью»» Прикладная механика, 55, № 1, с. 64-77 (2019)

Two variants of reduction of oscillations of structures with liquid are considered. The controlling algorithm, which includes analytically determined compensation of force interaction of liquid with structure, is proposed for reduction of oscillations of the carrying structure. In this case with minor errors it is possible to reach the state, when the structure motion occurs as if the liquid becomes solidified. In the case of seismic excitation of the system motion it is suggested to use pendulum suspension of the system instead of its rigid fixation. Specificity of selection of the length of pendulum suspension is discussed. The use of pendulum suspension results in considerable lowering of force interaction of liquid with structure and reduction of waves on a free surface of liquid especially for high-frequency excitation. The adduced numerical examples show advantages of the suggested technique.

Прикладная механика, 55, № 1, с. 64-77 (2019) | Рубрика: 10.09