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МГУ им. М.В.Ломоносова

Прикл. мех. 2019. 55, № 2


Гузь А.Н. «Неклассические проблемы механики разрушения: к 50-летию исследований (обзор). I» Прикладная механика, 55, № 2, с. 8-72 (2019)

Прикладная механика, 55, № 2, с. 8-72 (2019) | Рубрика: 14.04


Кубенко В.Д., Саленко С.Д. «Волнообразование в упругом слое при действии нестационарной подвижной нагрузки» Прикладная механика, 55, № 2, с. 73-86 (2019)

An analytical solution of a plane problem on action of the nonstationary load on the surface of elastic layer is constructed. The Laplace and Fourier integral transforms are applied. The solution is obtained in the form of series by reflected waves, from which a finite number of terms are retained in the calculations. A transition to the space of originals is carried out by a joint inversion of integral transforms. The Numerical calculations are performed for a load that suddenly appears on the surface of a layer and propagates with the constant velocity. The normal stress on the axis of symmetry is calculated for the time interval during of which the extension head wave passes four times through the thickness of layer. The results of comparison with a similar problem for mixed boundary conditions are presented.

Прикладная механика, 55, № 2, с. 73-86 (2019) | Рубрика: 04.15


Рашидов Т.Р., Мардонов Б.М., Ан Е.В. «Поперечные колебания подземных трубопроводов при осевом нагружении в рамках геометрически нелинейной теории» Прикладная механика, 55, № 2, с. 133-144 (2019)

The transverse motions of underground pipeline located in the water-saturated fine-grained soil are studied using the developed interaction models in the system “pipeline–soil”. In the general case, this process should be described by a system of nonlinear equations with the common taking into account the longitudinal and transverse motions. To solve the problem, an approximate numerical method is used. The possible uplifting of the pipelines located in the water-saturated soil is determined under action of the longitudinal seismic loading. An effect of the soil conditions and geometrical characteristics on transverse motion of the underground pipeline is shown. The results of studies are presented as curves of dependence of the pipeline transverse displacements on time and accompanied by analysis.

Прикладная механика, 55, № 2, с. 133-144 (2019) | Рубрики: 05.14 14.04