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Subbotkin O. «Analysis of the Vibrational Process Inside an Acoustic Interference Array Using the Reverberation Matrix Method» Acoustical Physics, 70, № 1, с. 194-207 (2024)

The theoretical study of sound field formation in an acoustic interference array presented in this article is motivated by an analysis of the physical principle of operation of a highly directional interference microphone. One of the objectives of the study is to determine the sound pressure acting on the microphone membrane inside the array. The sound field inside the interference array is analyzed using a matrix method, similar to the reverberation matrix method. The solution is formally represented as a Schwarzschild series. The result calculated by this method agrees well with the experimental data.

Acoustical Physics, 70, № 1, с. 194-207 (2024) | Рубрики: 06.17 14.01 14.02 14.08